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7 days in Italy – Part one, Turin

We traveled to 3 cities in a week, Turin, Genoa and Milan. I tried to write one blog for the whole 7 days experience but seems I had too many photos, so I decided to make 3 parts.  Here you are, part one- Turin.

We landed in Turin on 22 Sep. It was a gorgeous day and the temperature was a perfect 25C. The city is full of distinguished buildings, such a cultural city. ​ The hotel we stayed in was so beautiful and from our room window we could see a typical Italian street scene,  full of Latin character.

img_2656After coffee I could not wait to go out. My first outfit was the beautiful black lace skirt with a pastel floral pattern from H&M and as it was a nice day I had the chance to wear this cute, off the shoulder pinky top too.



The second day was Saturday and we went to the main shopping area, where the local youth were staging gymnastic activities on a stage set up in the middle of the road.


​​Here they tried to steal my phrase “Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it” but it got a little lost in translation :).

We then went on to Italy’s national Cinema Museum which is housed in an absolutely breath taking building which, sadly, you can’t fully appreciate from my photo.


On that day we walked for 6 hours. It was tiring  but it was really enjoyable.

As our hotel was in the city centre we walked everywhere. On the 3rd day we went to a contemporary art gallery. As an artist, wherever I go, galleries are the place I must go. Very often I get inspiration from all the great works of art I see in these places.

After the gallery, we wondered along  the street. Fallen leaves were everywhere. It seems autumn (fall – for any American readers!) has arrived.

Last thing to do before we move on is have a cup of coffee outside a beautiful street cafe where you can see the world pass by.

img_32653 days in Turin. Love it here. Beautiful city, beautiful people and beautiful food 🙂

​In the afternoon, after coffee, we set off to by train to our second city, Genoa.



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A Beautiful English Canal In The Cosgrave – Northamptonshire 

There is reason why English talk of weather – it always changes.

Compared to yesterdays gorgeous weather, today was downright miserable! Clouds like a dark blanket and very windy in the countryside.


But this did not stop us going for walk as planned with this guide book in hand; <Footpath for Fitness – Northamptonshire >.

We started from unusual horse tunnel going underneath the Grand Union Canal….


Turn right and soon a very pretty Gothic bridge comes into view, just so peaceful and beautiful…. ​​

​The English Autumn is so beautiful as trees turned to red, although it is windy but it mattered now with the view on the canal being so breath taking. It could be anywhere from the photo, but this is Northamptonshire.

As we enjoyed the view, I saw a boat painted blue – a perfect background for my jumper (lantern sleeves; as it is so loose, I can use them as bags at anytime if I need ^u^ )


Continue with the walk, we crossed a huge corn field. The foot path was very narrow so we just ended up walking between the corns, with wind blowing the leaves, as if they were dancing…


Half way through the walk I began feeling a bit thirsty, only to find a pub on the side! A perfect place to stop.

The upstairs of the pub hosted a great view. A couple in blue and red passed by a boat chatting to the owner; I found it looked just like a generic painting…

After the break, we carried on through the field upon passing the farm, there were many cows on the field eating grass.

img_9929But when we passing them they all stopped to watch us! I was a good bit sacred so I started run, quickly opened gate and when I look back, a big cow was just behind me, staring… what a day!


Not bad, today we walked around 2 miles, about 2 hours include break, so overall a really a nice walk!


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The Beautiful English Countryside ❤️

It was the Bank Holiday Monday yesterday, so we decided go for long walk in Northamptonshire Daventry area. From the guide book it’s supposed to be 6.5 miles but we ended up walked 7 miles due to a wrong route.


It was a gorgeous day, 25 degrees, the hottest day of this day in the history. Normally we do not see anybody when we cross fields but not yesterday! Perhaps the weather was so nice that people just wanted to enjoy the day out.

English countryside is just so beautiful – every time when we do this kind of country walk it reminds me that I’m fortunate to live in this beautiful green land, with villages full of characters, historical buildings, old but classy houses and a plethora of plant life.


No words would be enough to describe what I saw, so I’ll let you see for yourself!


I was so excited to see rolls of hay laying across the field I couldn’t help but climb on top like a child, tricky as it was.

The land is so remote, in the corn field we can see the baby corn had just sprouted.

There was an art and craft fair at the old church.

A huge mushroom I have never seen, what size!


We crossed two villages, Badby and Newham, spanning 7 miles and 5 hours… by the end of it I really felt flat, but I deserved my rest, in the book it even says “give yourself a high five, you made it!”. Yes indeed, we made it 🙂






















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Have we taken it for granted?

I have always sporty and fit. 3 days ago, my right knee went. It was painful to do such simple things as bend over and lasted for two days such that I could not go to spin class. This made me realise how important it is to have a healthy body, without which you cannot go for long walks, you cannot go to the gym, you cannot enjoy life. When I imagine how life would be if I cannot do sports, I wonder if I have taken my body for granted? Yes, it’s time to look after my body and appreciate the freedom and pleasure it brings me as you can not enjoy life if your health gone!