Northern Lights in Norway

To see the Northern Lights has been my dream for long time. I went Iceland years ago but missed my opportunity due to poor timing season. So this time me and my friends did a lot of research and found the best place to see Northern Lights is an island called Lofoten! It’s formed by many little islands, like Maryland, Reine, Napp etc. The reason why it’s the best place for Lights because it’s so remote and far from the cities, so theres no light pollution for shooting.



One thing I must mention – the photos you see here are done with a long exposure camera. You can see the lights when they’re strong, but sometimes you simply could not see when it with your naked eyes when it was weak. I used my Nikon on the long exposure setting, and I could not shake it at all or it came out blurred (I forgot my tripod on the first night), good things being that I found a tripod.



Lofoten itself is a beautiful island, the house we stayed in was surrounded by the Norweigan Sea’s and mountains. The scenery was stunning, when I look back at photos I can say that any one I shot could have been a postcard. Oh yes, this one is on a postcard actually.



The second house we stayed in was in Reine, just opposite the most photographed mountain in Norway, we saw a lot of Photographer there with a lot of equipment 😜


Lofoten has attracted so many tourists from all over the world, not only in winter, but the summer is stunning as well. The landlord told us that he sit’s on his decking to watch the sunset everyday, the beauty of the scene is beyond describing.

There is so much to do in Lofoten, from walks, canoeing (not in the winter though), skiing, fishing etc. The natural history and landscape of Lofoten is truly majestic and breathtaking, and the local people are so friendly.

One day, I will return in Summer 🙂

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Finally I Got This Special Hat! – My Graduation Ceremony

It has come to the end of this journey – three years of study at UoN for Fine Art. My time there has changed me. I remember being at the interview three years ago, the head of the art Dep said to me “you will be a different person when you graduate.” At that time I did not understand, what does it mean? But I do now 🙂


Yes, art has changed me a lot; I became professional artist, I am more open minded to anything.

Art school does not teach you how to paint or draw – They are there to assist you in being creative and ‘think outside of box’. They push you be bolder, more confident, to be true artist.

I must pay great respects to our lecturer team, they are all practicing artists outside lectures. They guide me through dark channels when I am clouded by frustration, and provide me the matches to light my own way.

And I love my friends, the people who the share same studio, go for drinks and inspire each other.

And my family, without them I would not finished my degree. They’ve all been right behind me, supporting and encouraging me.

As mature student, this journey was not easy, but i made it and I made myself proud! I like the saying “There are nothing impossible” – if you can dream it and believe yourself, you can do it too!


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Fashion Doesn’t Has to Be Expensive!

The key to it is that you know what suits you and how to mix and match. This outfit has three accessories from PRIMARK: hat, shoes and bag! It worked out beautifully! Sometimes people try to hide the brand as it is not a big label.


It was a beautiful sunny day last Sunday and I chose a loose old styled Chinese dress which I bought in China last year but never had chance to wear.

This dark emerald green is quite dominant and I actually have matching boots. But as it was a warm day I decided to wear these slippers, with fur around the heal, which are quite in this season. It looks like I’ve got hairy feet :). To be honest they were comfy to walk around beautiful village.


Also I matched up my outfit with a scarf in the same tone. One thing I learnt from Uni studying Fine Art and painting is how to play with colour. Art and fashion compliment each other, which is why I enjoy both of them so much. My light green earrings played a big part in this outfit.

I used desire big labels. Like many women I  would sometimes spend too much on one piece and only wear it once or twice. It could then go out of season or I would get bored anyway. So I started to mix my old clothes with some new and found my own style. I started to recycle my wardrobe I found out how amazing it can be to re-style and re-mix. To my surprise I discovered that there are so many ways mix and match. I could have different outfit every 365 days! Exciting, isn’t it?! 🙂

I get so much pleasure from it. Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it.

So if you read my blog, you can try it too. Be bold, be creative, be revolutionary!!! There are so many ways you can play with your wardrobe to get a new look. Finally, I learnt that fashion doesn’t has to be expensive!


Walking around this pretty village wearing a pretty comfy dress and shoes made my day!

I wish I could bought some free range eggs, but they had all sold out 😦  The pink petals on the ground were so pretty. This is an old village with some historic buildings like this old school gate.


It is only small place and after half an hour I had seen it all. Then off to a local pub to sit outside. It was such beautiful view. So many different shades of green and the sight of children running around freely.


Life is beautiful, I really can’t complain! I hope you will find your style as you go along. Believe me this does lead to happiness!