How To Style On Holiday – Part 2

As I mentioned last time, its all about layers, particularly thin materials as they take up less room, and with what little storage you’ve got, space is half the battle. Every time I’ve come back from a holiday, people ask me same question “How much luggage did you take?” My answer: I’ve got the same language allowance of 20kg like everyone else!

The hoodie, hat, gloves, scarf and leggings I bought locally were particularly for climbing Rainbow Mountain. They were colourful, fitting quite nicely with the scenery.


For my trip to Peru I chose comfortable clothing and added some stuff from the latest trends such as a lace skirt, but most were basic. I made sure to pack colourful overall, ended up making good use of this red dress in Machu Picchu!


On my trip to Lake Titicaca, I took an old skirt which I thought would suit the culture there. This collaged piece is quite in fashion right now. And the lace skirt, of course, has been hot for a couple of years.


To all the people that advised me to dress for comfort – you weren’t trying hard enough! There’s always room for some fashion if you put in the effort and apply some creativity, like this shot below! Wearing my jeans with the laced skirt over the top really brought out the flair. What do you think of it? 🙂


Coincidently I brought a pair of yellow trousers and a yellow dress, so I just blended into the yellow city Lima.

As I said, it’s about layers, as weather changes from morning to evening. Wearing multiple layers lets you shed a few to shoot different photos in the same day!



These striped trousers are actually a decade old, and it really goes to show that some pieces are timeless and should never be thrown away.


Oh, I love this photo bomb. It is so funny. Look at her, walking with confidence, she’s wonderful!


How does this purple look? I thought it blended in well with the wall flowers 🙂 I just love the colour and wind.

img_4060Yes, a Peru T shirt, how could I does not buy it? It goes well with my HM shirt and shorts.

These photos below are just a compilation of different days.

And then my last day in Peru-Cusco. I found this jumper at the local market, absolutely love it 🙂


That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it inspiring! Just play, mix and match, have fun and sometimes you will surprise yourself, believe me!




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How To Style When You’re On Holiday? Part 1 – My 12 Days In Sweden & Norway

I should have shared this experience a while ago, but I found my mind drifting off from the task a few too many times. Anyway, I am here today and I’m actually packing for my next destination in a few days – Peru 🙂

Back to what to wear given the holiday weigh limit? The answer is layers – layers because they are light and give you more looks. 😀

I love being colourful when I am on holiday, there are many outfits I would not wear if not for holidays, they’re just too gaudy for home! A friend asked if I was cold with my bare legs in the snow? Yes – it was. But it was bearable as it was only a five minute job and that was a fashion shoot. I would not wear them to hunt for the Northern Lights 😜.

This faux fur look like coat, and you were probably fooled, but it’s not! It’s a part of the decorations from the house where we stayed 😂.

Sometimes people get it, sometimes not, it doesn’t mater 😀. The photo taken below frames me by a house on the Norwegian shore.

And this long sleeve red dress was just perfect for this cold holiday as you can wear a jumper and jeans underneath. You wouldn’t believe it, but the dress below – only £1 from Primark!



This photo below taken just at the back of the house 🏠. I look mad don’t I? I know 😦 but its provocative to the weather. Nice is boring 🙂


No shoes? Don’t worry, I am fine, ha ha ha… it’s for the sake of art!

And this one is on the decking. I can tell you that the coffee is just a prop, I might look cold as I was surrounded by snow but not really, it was literally only a minute job. These two lovely girls are my friends from China and coincidentally, we all have a white coat/jacket.


I had a uni mate ask me why you looks nice on holidays but not in the studio? I thought this is obviously because we dress accordingly😜

Early February is very cold in Northern Europe, particularly Sweden. So I bought a new pair of ski trousers and wore one coat and put another in the suitcase. As we all had a  weight limit, it was hard to not wear the same set of clothes for 12 days. After weighing in a few times, I decided to take only one jumper, the rest are summer dresses – does that sound crazy? Maybe it is, but in the UK there isn’t a big difference between seasons, you can wear jeans inside a lace skirt, or you can wear double coats (new trend).


So my experience is ‘to travel heavy’ because you don’t want your photos all looking the same. 🙂


And another trick is if you’ve got friends that are the same height and size as you – swap! Even shoes! 🙂

The photo above is the car we rented from the start, it made it through 3 days of driving across the mountains! The journey was an unbelievable experience, the kind you never forget 🙂

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I’m off to my next destination, Peru, in a few days, so I’ll see you soon!

To buy my looks please check the source below:)

Black lace skirt & blue jumper @HM

Blue coat @topshop

Black Boots @clarkshoes

Red boots and floral skirt @zara

White coat @newlookfashion

Ski trousers @mountainwarehouse

Wool hats  @hm, zara, Norway,,,

Grey scarf @acne

Belt @gucci

Bag @gigi

Mittens- selfmade

Fur scarf &red dress @primark

Canvas shoes @vans





Northern Lights in Norway

To see the Northern Lights has been my dream for long time. I went Iceland years ago but missed my opportunity due to poor timing season. So this time me and my friends did a lot of research and found the best place to see Northern Lights is an island called Lofoten! It’s formed by many little islands, like Maryland, Reine, Napp etc. The reason why it’s the best place for Lights because it’s so remote and far from the cities, so theres no light pollution for shooting.



One thing I must mention – the photos you see here are done with a long exposure camera. You can see the lights when they’re strong, but sometimes you simply could not see when it with your naked eyes when it was weak. I used my Nikon on the long exposure setting, and I could not shake it at all or it came out blurred (I forgot my tripod on the first night), good things being that I found a tripod.



Lofoten itself is a beautiful island, the house we stayed in was surrounded by the Norweigan Sea’s and mountains. The scenery was stunning, when I look back at photos I can say that any one I shot could have been a postcard. Oh yes, this one is on a postcard actually.



The second house we stayed in was in Reine, just opposite the most photographed mountain in Norway, we saw a lot of Photographer there with a lot of equipment 😜


Lofoten has attracted so many tourists from all over the world, not only in winter, but the summer is stunning as well. The landlord told us that he sit’s on his decking to watch the sunset everyday, the beauty of the scene is beyond describing.

There is so much to do in Lofoten, from walks, canoeing (not in the winter though), skiing, fishing etc. The natural history and landscape of Lofoten is truly majestic and breathtaking, and the local people are so friendly.

One day, I will return in Summer 🙂

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7 days in Italy – Part one, Turin

We traveled to 3 cities in a week, Turin, Genoa and Milan. I tried to write one blog for the whole 7 days experience but seems I had too many photos, so I decided to make 3 parts.  Here you are, part one- Turin.

We landed in Turin on 22 Sep. It was a gorgeous day and the temperature was a perfect 25C. The city is full of distinguished buildings, such a cultural city. ​ The hotel we stayed in was so beautiful and from our room window we could see a typical Italian street scene,  full of Latin character.

img_2656After coffee I could not wait to go out. My first outfit was the beautiful black lace skirt with a pastel floral pattern from H&M and as it was a nice day I had the chance to wear this cute, off the shoulder pinky top too.



The second day was Saturday and we went to the main shopping area, where the local youth were staging gymnastic activities on a stage set up in the middle of the road.


​​Here they tried to steal my phrase “Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it” but it got a little lost in translation :).

We then went on to Italy’s national Cinema Museum which is housed in an absolutely breath taking building which, sadly, you can’t fully appreciate from my photo.


On that day we walked for 6 hours. It was tiring  but it was really enjoyable.

As our hotel was in the city centre we walked everywhere. On the 3rd day we went to a contemporary art gallery. As an artist, wherever I go, galleries are the place I must go. Very often I get inspiration from all the great works of art I see in these places.

After the gallery, we wondered along  the street. Fallen leaves were everywhere. It seems autumn (fall – for any American readers!) has arrived.

Last thing to do before we move on is have a cup of coffee outside a beautiful street cafe where you can see the world pass by.

img_32653 days in Turin. Love it here. Beautiful city, beautiful people and beautiful food 🙂

​In the afternoon, after coffee, we set off to by train to our second city, Genoa.



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Fashion Doesn’t Has to Be Expensive!

The key to it is that you know what suits you and how to mix and match. This outfit has three accessories from PRIMARK: hat, shoes and bag! It worked out beautifully! Sometimes people try to hide the brand as it is not a big label.


It was a beautiful sunny day last Sunday and I chose a loose old styled Chinese dress which I bought in China last year but never had chance to wear.

This dark emerald green is quite dominant and I actually have matching boots. But as it was a warm day I decided to wear these slippers, with fur around the heal, which are quite in this season. It looks like I’ve got hairy feet :). To be honest they were comfy to walk around beautiful village.


Also I matched up my outfit with a scarf in the same tone. One thing I learnt from Uni studying Fine Art and painting is how to play with colour. Art and fashion compliment each other, which is why I enjoy both of them so much. My light green earrings played a big part in this outfit.

I used desire big labels. Like many women I  would sometimes spend too much on one piece and only wear it once or twice. It could then go out of season or I would get bored anyway. So I started to mix my old clothes with some new and found my own style. I started to recycle my wardrobe I found out how amazing it can be to re-style and re-mix. To my surprise I discovered that there are so many ways mix and match. I could have different outfit every 365 days! Exciting, isn’t it?! 🙂

I get so much pleasure from it. Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it.

So if you read my blog, you can try it too. Be bold, be creative, be revolutionary!!! There are so many ways you can play with your wardrobe to get a new look. Finally, I learnt that fashion doesn’t has to be expensive!


Walking around this pretty village wearing a pretty comfy dress and shoes made my day!

I wish I could bought some free range eggs, but they had all sold out 😦  The pink petals on the ground were so pretty. This is an old village with some historic buildings like this old school gate.


It is only small place and after half an hour I had seen it all. Then off to a local pub to sit outside. It was such beautiful view. So many different shades of green and the sight of children running around freely.


Life is beautiful, I really can’t complain! I hope you will find your style as you go along. Believe me this does lead to happiness!